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Resurrection of the Prophet

March 27, 2017

Resurrection of the Prophet In a bath tub of dust A rust colored bull bison Is picked at by a buzzard Ribs heave and the old sage stirs Ain’t no way to stop it It’s the resurrection of the Prophet. High pitched yipping is Skipping overhead From a dry creek bed The Coyotes are in […]

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Deo Remembers the Young Martina

March 9, 2017

Deo Remembers (The Young Martina) Twitching in the trumpet vines Where he laid down last night Deo dreamed ……. That he was back in the young Martina’s bed Listening to every word she said Back in the house on Blanco street. Listening to a Latin beat Back in his young body Full of hunger and […]

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The Asking Poem

March 7, 2017

When Shall we ask for it ? When the floor cracks beneath somber sacks of sins?

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Never Felt The Knife Enter

February 21, 2014

Never felt the Knife Enter Never saw the enemy: Over two glasses of Red Seen in the glint of the screen Is that me lurking outside This window? A voice in the storm drain: “Izadora Duncan Had a pretty pumpkin He fled from her arms In to the sky’s charms And she never saw That […]

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Math Problem

September 30, 2013

While you lie
on steel grates
in the rain

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October 3, 2012

Transfigured Where is the boy inside? Is he scratching at the crust of a cocoon? Every cell is replaced after fifty years Seven times seven times over Each bit of protoplasm is numbered With lost causes under eyes Drawn tight over leering shades Strutting on Dog’s legs In iridescent feathers And showing the soul on […]

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Virgil and the Shrink

July 12, 2011

-Virgil and the Shrink Virgil smokes over his eggs Lighting one stick off another. He mumbles in gallons of gall And lines the yellowed walls Of hell that now Swells with his smoke and his embers. “Hey Virg! What level of hell are we on?” asks  the shrink Virgil opens his terrible mouth And pushes […]

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The Plague is Back in Town

May 9, 2011

The Plague is Back in Town “Ashes, Ashes…..”   The cheers go up for each death Hooded doctors hold knives To drain the blood And everywhere you see masks With long red noses like ripe peppers The cries rise from every mouth. There’s no mistaking the sound When the plague is back in town. Men […]

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Time Bomb

November 4, 2010

Time Bomb December sung dirges with vigor In Tidewater like a humming lover draping the sad evening sun With orange cream and secrets Hiding from us the knowledge Of how to live with the weight Of her call to a wet sleep. The padded playground layered with leaves In woods wet and worn Took us […]

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Wisdom From A Mad Man

August 24, 2010

Watch short video clip from the Longview poetry reading. Someone in the audience was kind enough to film this on his iPhone and upload to YouTube. Wisdom from a Madman Do you have any shards of sense for me From the root of a crooked tree? My mind swirls like an oil slick In multicolored […]

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